Bud Spencer - The Legend - Feuerwasser

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St. Kilian Distillers GmbH


The Wild West chili-cinnamon liqueur FIREWATER is intended to pay tribute to the Western hero Bud Spencer, who fights for right and justice around the clock.
Based on the St. Kilian single malt spirit, which was double distilled from the best barley malt in original Scottish pot stills, the FIREWATER promises - whether on hot evenings or cold nights - a high pleasure all year round.

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Photo for: Michele Becatti

Michele Becatti

Bar Manager at Ginza St. James

A very special bottle

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Big punch of cinnamon in the beginning, finished with a long spicy flavour

Photo for: Lorenzo  Piscitello

Lorenzo Piscitello

Bartender at Artesian Langham Hotel London

Cinnamon cinnamon and cinnamon!

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Aggressive, dominant cinnamon

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