Top 5 Spirits Influencers you Need to Follow in 2022

Spirits influencers are helping spirits brands not only connect with new audiences but also strengthen their position in the ever-growing spirits industry.

The growth of spirits influencers is the only development more thrilling than the development of craft mixology. They hold the power to successfully launch or fail your spirits company. Several brands still don't comprehend what they do or how you might collaborate with them, despite the fact that they have long been a part of the alcohol market structure. You can start by leveraging this expanding network if you want to kickstart your brand's social media presence and influencer marketing efforts.

Don't underestimate the power of spirits influencers in today's spirit industry. In the current era of social media marketing, they may assist you in pushing through the competition of the market and increasing brand awareness. These individuals are without a doubt having the most influence on social media at the moment, and they are altering the way that we perceive and comprehend alcohol globally.


Eddie Zamora

Eddie is an influencer for both alcohol and food. Earlier he used to be a judge and now hosts the Dinner Takes All show. He is also one of the most popular wine and spirits influencers in 2022 and co-hosts the podcast Kill the bottle. He has visited 40 US states and 11 other countries during his travels, where he has tried local drinks and foods.

As of August 2022, Eddie's Instagram account had over 175K followers and about 796 posts. Recently, he even collaborated with Discover Port Hueneme to create a new cocktail menu for VenturaCountyCoast that features signature drinks from five incredible drink makers. This crafted cocktail menu was created to express the cool California vibe, a diversified destination, and is motivated by the unique features the place has to offer.


Jonathan Almond

Jonathan Almond is a well-known social media influencer, a publisher with a passion for spirits and cocktails, and one of the most popular wine and spirits influencers in 2022. He even launched Delightful Media and Drinks. While Delightful Drinks, which he founded in 2016, are focused on spirits and cocktails, Delightful Media creates food and drink content for brands and digital audiences.

As of 2022, Delightful Drinks has 118K Instagram followers. Its posts highlight some of the most amazing drinks, such as mezcal, cranberry vodka, whiskey and cider cocktail, gin-based El-Camino, Space Invader cocktail, and many others.


Natalie Migliarini

Natalie Migliarini is a home bartender and spirits influencer from Seattle. In 2013, she established Beautiful Booze, which has now become a reputable source for cocktail experts and enthusiasts. With more than 300 cocktail recipes and thousands of images to their credit, Beautiful Booze is dedicated to the creation of cocktail recipes and photography. One of the most well-known wine and spirits influencers in 2022, she is also the author of Beautiful Booze and writes a weekly cocktail blog.

Natalie says that she frequently hosted specialized dinners and gatherings where she served simple cocktails and that her guests frequently inquired about the recipes. That gave her the idea to start Beautiful Booze, a website where her friends could easily access and recreate her cocktail recipes. She was given the chance to travel the world and share her experiences and recipes with a much bigger audience as her career advanced. As of 2022, her Instagram account had more than 100K followers and over 2K posts.



One of the most well-known wine and spirit influencers in 2022 is Elliot. He is popular in the drink sector and has been named one of the top spirits and cocktail influencers by publications like Buzzfeed, Liquor.com, and Vinepair. Additionally, Saveur Magazine named his blog Apartment Bartender the Editor's Choice Best Drink Blog in 2017. Today he has 75.1K followers on his Instagram. Recently he posted how to make a refreshing mango cocktail for this summer on his Instagram.  


Lulu Ayala

Spirits influencer LuLu was born and raised in California. She graduated from the Trinity Bartending Academy. She has experience working as an event organizer, brand ambassador, and bartender. In 2010, she founded Calimixers. Calimixers takes pride in offering recipes and foods from various cultures. Her distinctive handmade Calimixers cocktails can be found on the menus of several restaurants. As of 2022, her Instagram account has 52.8K followers and more than 2K posts. 

Spirits influencers will continue to set the standard for promoting alcoholic brands in an innovative, enjoyable, and entertaining way as there is an increased need for unique and memorable content. Additionally, given the rising desire for DIY, they can also develop recipes in innovative ways. Spirits influencers will continue to be used by brands as brand ambassadors because of their specialized audiences and authoritative status in the spirits sector.

Written by Aparna Dutta, Beverage Trade Network

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