Big Drop Expands Distribution with Craft Collective

Big Drop Brewing expands in the North East, in collaboration with Craft Collective.

BOSTON, 22 July 2021 – It's 'bottoms-up' for New England's non-alcoholic beer fans as NA-only brewer - Big Drop Brewing Co - announces its partnership with the independent craft beer distributor, Craft Collective.

As a result, three of the most popular styles from Big Drop's range (Galactic Extra Dark, Pine Trail Pale and Paradiso IPA) are now available to grocery stores, bars and restaurants in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine. For example, three groups where stock is landing are Total Wine, Craft Beer Cellar, Liquor Junction, and Kappy's, plus many high-quality independent retailers. Big Drop is also available online but this partnership now brings Big Drop face-to-face with consumers in a total of six states (including Illinois, Michigan and Minneapolis). 

Established in the UK but now brewed in the US (at Great Central Brewery, Chicago) Big Drop has broken new ground in the NA beer category by winning international accolades and multiple global beer awards. These include two Gold Medals from the U.S. Open Beer Championship and four times "World's Best" from the World Beer Awards, as well as the 'Holy Grail' of any NA drink: beating full-strength rivals in blind-tastings. It has also attracted a total of $9m in equity investment to help boost its US expansion and board advisors that include Mark Hunter, the former Global CEO of Molson Coors, and Stefan Orlowski, former President Europe of Heineken.

Rob Fink, Founder & CEO of Big Drop, commented: "The timing could not be better, both for us and for any New Englanders who appreciate their beer. With interest in the whole NA category on the rise and a big summer on the cards, there's a place at the table for beers that don't compromise on taste, even if they only come in at 0.5% abv. And who better than Craft Collective to understand the market, seize the opportunity and make it happen."


Big Drop Trio

To find out more, please visit getcraft.co/brand-spotlight/big-drop/. Follow Craft Collective on Instagram at @crftcollective.

About Big Drop Brewing Co: 

Big Drop was launched in 2016 as the world's first brewer dedicated to alcohol-free beer by then City of London lawyer, Rob Fink and long-time friend James Kindred. Both had recently become fathers and were looking to cut back on the booze but could not find any decent alternatives to their favorite craft beers. Since its first 700-liter batch, Big Drop has gone on to win over 60 major international beer awards including four times being judged the "World's Best" at the World Beer Awards and beating full-strength beers in blind tastings. Recognized as the market leader in this rapidly growing sector, Big Drop is now available in over 20 countries. Big Drop contract brews in batches through a network of brewing partners worldwide which means it can produce its beer locally and ethically with a minimal carbon footprint. Its full range of craft beers, which are all <0.5% ABV, currently consists of: Stout, Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Hazelnut Porter and a Sour as well as special editions and collaborations with other leading brewers. For more information about Big Drop's beers, tasting notes and availability, visit https://www.bigdropbrew.com.

About Craft Collective:

Craft Collective is an independent craft beverage distribution company focused on quality, craft producers. We maintain ample refrigeration, a fully climate-controlled warehouse, and refrigerated delivery vehicles. Our people represent our brands with enthusiasm and diligently care for our products. We're honest, accommodating, and committed to helping craft producers succeed. We work with local, regional, and national brands in craft beer, cider, wine, kombucha, coffee, and more, including Aeronaut, SingleCut, Finback, Idle Hands, Proclamation, Graft Cider, Boochcraft, The Nitro Cart, Anchor & Hope, and more. See our entire portfolio of craft beverages at www.getcraft.co.

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