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NYC’s coziest bars to hideout in this winter

New Yorkers’ go-to bars that are warm and cozy enough to make the drinking and leisure experience pleasurable

This 2020 winter might be the coldest ever – given the high rates of deaths, tragedies, and bad and shocking news experienced by many people all around the world this year. A drink or two of a favorite drink – or three – might be just what’s exactly needed to calm down the pain and wash down some of the sorrows. 

That drink might distract from the bad stuff long enough for one to move on. 

However, the thing about the winter season is that it can generally get cold to straight-up freezing out there (especially if you are not prepared). So what do you do when it’s really cold outside and you want to have a drink at one of your favorite bars? Simple. You go where you want with precautions and preparedness.

In New York, winter is not a joke. The residents already know that the winters at The Big Apple can always be expected to be freezing enough to make you shiver and chattering teeth. It gets so cold that if you decide to test the brunt of the elements, you might end up losing some of your limbs.

Because of this, your preferred bar might not be the best of places for you to dash out to for a drink this winter – it might not be warm enough. Unless you find your favorite bar on this list or the bar has already made arrangements for keeping customers warm by providing fireplaces or other artificial heating systems, it’s advised you consider visiting some on this list. New Yorkers can go to bars that are warm and cozy enough to make the drinking and leisure experience pleasurable.

When winter comes; you’d see New Yorkers – some of the toughest people on the planet Earth – avoiding the winter chill in the regular bars just to dip into the cocktail bars and some of the beer bars with proper heating.

Winter in New York can be tough, cold and unforgiving. However, with some time spent in leisure at some of the best drinking spots, we think it can become quite tolerable. For the frostiest of nights, there are always bars that will serve quality drinks while warming up the customers in the holiday’s spirit.

Some of the coziest bars to hideout in New York City this winter are; 

The Jane

The Jane Hotel has a very significant memory attached to its names and halls. In 1912, after the Titanic sunk, this hotel played a vital part in the process of history by hosting the survivors of this iconic shipwreck. The survivors are forever indebted to The Jane Hotel management for keeping them safe and warm after all the trauma they faced on the sinking Titanic.

Till today, this establishment is still in business. New times come with some new ways, and changes; this fact is not lost on The Jane Hotel and this is evident in the new installments available there, like the cozy ballroom, which is also the lounge of the hotel. It is one of the coziest places to hang out in New York during the winter.

Image Source: The Jane


For those who loved summer camps as kids, the “camp” at Boerum Hill will bring back some of the fond memories associated with those childhood extracurricular activities. You’d have to commend the excellent job done by the interior designer(s) of Camp (which by the way can give their customers the option of extra warmth by ordering cocktails with fiery marshmallows placed in them.

Another great thing about this place is the opportunity to make your s’mores at little cost.

Image Source: Camp

McSorley’s Old Ale House

The McSorley’s Old Ale House, established in the year 1854 and is infamous in the city of New York for consistently only serving customers with only two drinks – McSorley’s Dark Ale and McSorley’s Light Ale. Many customers of this drinking institution have gotten so used to this arrangement that they wouldn’t have it any other way at McSorley’s.

Image Source: Facebook

The Auction House

This bar looks like just any other traditional Irish pub; the floors are covered with sawdust to take care of beer spills and other such messes associated with alehouses.

The Auction House has long been one of the prominent upscale bars that can be found in the Upper East Side, New York. Enclosed in a secluded side street, this bar exudes the air of exclusivity and coziness. It looks and feels like a lounge in use during the Victorian Era with its gold tin ceilings, velvet couches, and an array of classic artworks displayed on the walls.

Be informed that during the weekends, The Auction House is mostly open only to 25 years and older customers. Means of identification would be asked for at the entrance.

Image Source: Facebook

The Black Mountain Wine House 

The Black Mountain Wine House is a cabin-like space designed to keep customers in a warm and safe space while they enjoy their drinks and company. Located in the Carroll Gardens, this bar’s country house decorations and ambiance will most likely have you feeling like you are on a retreat somewhere in the countryside.

The bar is available for those who left for the countryside at this time is not an option. The warmth and convenience continue even to their drinks menu; there are lots of drinks accessible to the customers, but we would recommend sipping some of the mulled vino to combat the cold in the bones.

Image Source: Instagram

There are a couple of precautions you can take to make the cold a bit more bearable, including wearing the appropriate warm clothing, minimizing the time spent out in the open, and some of the other important precautions that are potentially life-saving. 

In other words, having a good fireplace is one of the most desired qualities of drinking bars in New York City this winter. And as luck would have it, many NYC bars meet this criterion, so one does not have to look around too much. 

All you have to do is make sure you call ahead of time to see if there are still open reservations because of the limited indoor capacity for restaurants and bars in accordance with the COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions.

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